5 Luxury Office Chairs To Inspire Your Next Stroke Of Genius

5 Luxury Office Chairs To Inspire Your Next Stroke Of Genius

Your home office is a space for productivity and creativity. When it comes to your office furniture, are you asking yourself, does it inspire me? And, more importantly, does it inspire me to work? In this article we will focus on the five luxury office chairs that will inspire your next stroke of genius.

Now, your office chair is one of the most crucial pieces of furniture in any working environment. You spend almost all of your time sitting in it when working, and the wrong chair can lead to detrimental effects on your productivity as well as your health. Whether you’re running a business in the Fortune 500 or working in creative fields, style and comfort should be your number one priority.

So, we have created a list of five luxury office chairs that we believe are timeless, sophisticated and exceptional.

Let’s dive in!

Collins Chair - Essential Home

With its classic retro chic and graceful curves, the Collins Chair by Essential Home is a perfect example of the marriage between modern and contemporary styles – a quality of the Portuguese brand that is a hallmark of their timeless furniture design.

The inspiration for the piece was Joan Henrietta Collins, a British actress, writer, and columnist, and the dedication to its excellence required three different master artisans since it involved three different craftsmanship techniques.

Finished with luxurious polished brass details, upholstered in rich velvet and featuring a stylish reclined crescent open back, the Collins Chair defines elegant luxury design.

With this much history and inspiration fused into it, it would be hard not to find yourself transported to the heyday of the 1950s upon sitting.

Naïve Chair - Emko

There is something about the minimalism of Emko’s Naïve chair that emanates a certain beauty, and that is its striking simplicity. For this reason, we find it quite fitting for those who consider themselves artists.

But do not be fooled by its simple appearance. There is much precision behind its creation, from the years spent designing and developing the piece, to consulting with technologists to produce its form and posture which are set at perfect angles and distances. The wooden poles, set at an exact angle, acts as the backrest and can be covered with a soft pullover for comfortability.

There is pure intention behind the Naïve Chair design, the removal of excess parts serving as a reminder to focus on the things that matter most – you and your next masterpiece.

DS-257 - de Sede

You need only take one glance at de Sede’s DS-257 to see it is Swiss exceptionalism in material form. The executive chair seems to have been inspired by modern classics, and its design pays homage to tradition but embraces modernity. The side view features a thin and dynamic back profile, which adds a contemporary dimension to its otherwise traditional appearance.

de Sede’s dedication to their craft and mastery of fine leather processing are elements that make the piece more of a work of passion than one of necessity. So there will be no surprises if passion in one’s work becomes a quality that infects upon contact with the DS-257. Sensual leather, beautiful ergonomics and an elegant form, this luxury office chair is fit for the leaders and decision-makers of the business world.

Federico Chair - Essential Home

In a partnership with Carlo Donati, one of the most renowned designers in Milan, Essential Home delivers yet again with the Federico Chair, a stylish desk chair that is a mid-century transplant. But with its modernist design, the Federico gains the ability to be applied in different contexts and still look fashionable, making it a truly timeless piece that can elevate any room.

It was created as a tribute to the late Federico Fellini, one of the greatest and most influential filmmakers of all time. His distinct style, which was a combination of fantasy and baroque imagery, makes the Federico wonderfully appropriate for anyone with luxurious tastes.

And of course, its ivory back seat, lacquered frame and opulent brass details found in the leg studs and caps is the proverbial icing on the cake.

Mia Rotating Chair – Kelly Christians Designs

When award-winning Brazilian designer Jader Almeida seeks to design furniture, he prefers to create pieces that are pure in form, with a strong focus on beauty, continuity and functionality. It’s safe to say this was achieved in the MIA Rotating Chair, which ticks all those boxes effortlessly.

The contemporary aesthetic is what grants the luxury desk chair its air of sophistication and timelessness. A subtle and fluid design that is perfectly balanced, walnut wood arms flowing to and from its back like water, and curves that openly defies wood’s resistance to bending, gives it a futuristic look. If you’re the type to look ahead and peer into the possibilities of tomorrow, the MIA Rotating Chair is exactly what you’re looking for.



And there you have it. Five luxury office chairs that will inspire your next stroke of genius. At Home Office Life, we sincerely believe everyone is capable of creating something great, and it’s just a matter of getting the right parts together. We want you to look at the individual pieces that make up your workspace and find some furniture that not only rouses your imagination but also moves you to accomplish your goals.

We hope that this article has given you some idea of what office chairs you can buy right now to rejuvenate your passion for work as well as your home office/workspace.

Next, we’ll be focusing on desks, so keep an eye out for the next dose of inspiration from Home Office Life!

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