While working from home, have you ever been unmotivated and uninspired? 

In this state, working becomes a chore. You may blame it on the task at hand, but your environment has a greater impact on your behaviour and motivation to act than whatever work you have to do. 

Office furniture tends to be quite dull, but our founder believed if you are inspired by your furniture, then your office decor becomes a constant source of inspiration, opening the gates to boundless creativity. 

The commonly held belief is “work is boring”. 

At Home Office Life, it is a transformative experience.


We have become the premier destination for the latest designer home office furniture from artisans and ateliers all over the world. 

The creations in our collections are carefully sourced to ensure they are made from the finest materials and show superb craftsmanship. Their essential quality is they are inspiring, and like all great works of art, move you to create something truly spectacular of your own. 

Besides supplying our clients with sophisticated pieces, we endeavour to provide impeccable customer service and aim to redefine your relationship with work. 

Gold Tetsola 

Founder & CEO